Phase 2 upgrade works
Phase 2 upgrade works commenced in August 2018, with completion March 2019.

Phase 1 upgrade works
Phase 1 upgrade works commenced in October 2017 and were completed in June 2018.

What is the Agreed Upgrade Option?
The Agreed Upgrade Option (see Project page) was selected after discussion and consultation with Seaward Village residents, Defence and Army representatives. This option was overwhelmingly preferred as the most suitable to minimise resident disruption and to maximise safety and security. It also has the shortest timeframe.

How will the upgrade works affect me?
The upgrade works will be managed across three Phases, which will be progressively undertaken over a three-year period. All upgrades in Phase 1 are now complete with Phase 2 residents now occupying these. Phase 2 is underway. Seaward Village residents in Phase 3 will be relocated prior to works starting in this Phase. The upgrade works will be managed by the contractors under a Construction Management Plan to minimise the effects of the works on residents.

How long will the upgrade works take?
There are three phases of upgrade works planned for completion over three years in total.

What are the upgrade works?
The upgrade works are specific to each house, however they will generally comprise of full internal and external refurbishment including:

  • General internal works
  • Floor and window coverings
  • New fixtures and fittings
  • New heating/cooling system
  • Painting
  • Detailed individual room works
  • New kitchen, bathroom and laundry works
  • Garage works
  • Roof and plumbing works
  • General external works
  • Landscaping works
  • Cleaning and handover.

Additionally, dependent on the property, 16 dwellings will undergo internal floor plan reconfiguration, and 27 dwellings will undergo an extension.

Will the properties be landscaped?
The works also includes the replacement of driveways where necessary, the maintenance of existing vegetation and trees, the rectification of retaining walls where necessary and improvements to all soft and hard landscaping.

What about the roads, parks and reserves?
All roads, parks and reserves are managed by the City of Nedlands Council.

Will the child care centre be upgraded?
No. The child care centre is not part of the upgrade works planned for Seaward Village.

What about bushfire risk?
All houses when upgraded will comply with recent changes to WA bushfire legislation requirements.

How will the upgraded houses be allocated?
No ADF member will be required to reside in a service residence that does not meet their entitlements. Houses surplus to the needs of current residents will be offered to other ADF members and their families via Online Services.

Where can I find out more?
For further information, please contact us on 139 342 or via email.